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Custom 3D PVC USB Flash Drive - Battery Shaped
#PVC064F 8GB

100 $15.23 each
250 $13.15 each
500 $12.30 each
1000 $11.34 each
2500 $10.82 each
$35.00 each

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# PVC064F 8GB - Custom 3D PVC USB Flash Drive - Battery Shaped

Charge up your new campaign for success with this Custom Battery Shape 3D PVC USB Drive! It will set your company apart from a crowded field of competitors by continually drawing awareness to your logo and building the customer's belief in your brand. A custom 3D USB is perfect to duplicate a particular object. A true 3D model is produced from your artwork, and, like the 2D PVC USB, it is used to machine an aluminum mold for the custom USB drive. The properties of the 3D custom PVC drive are identical to the 2D properties, except that it is a true 3D model. Create a unique look for your brand today!