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Iron on Embroidered Patch
#EP01IO 50% Embroidered, 3 "

50 $3.59 each
100 $2.20 each
200 $1.72 each
300 $1.58 each
500 $1.43 each
1000 $1.42 each
2000 $1.34 each
3000 $1.25 each
$38.00 each

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# EP01IO 50% Embroidered, 3 " - Iron on Embroidered Patch

Add some flair to your uniform! These customized embroidered patches include up to seven colors on a custom shape. Embroidered thread patches are an excellent way to identify and promote schools, teams, corporations, government agencies, military units and associations. Available in multiple sizes, the durable, colorful nature of these patches makes them a suitable choice for any garment. The iron on backing is not included in the cost.